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The Differential Audio Phantom active DI box


LED Bargraph
Switchable Earth lift
Switchable Attenuator pad
Phantom powered
Soft clipping
Roadie proof
Feed through inputs
Advanced features of the Phantom II
This prototype DI box was made in 1990 and has been in continious use, in professional PA rigs, for the last 16 years. One of a batch of 40, none of which has EVER failed. As you can see from the picture it has not had an easy life, and is still in active service.
The Differential Audio Phantom active DI box
The Differential Audio Active DI Box Has now completed its field testing and will be available from this site very soon. So bookmark this page and check back regularly to place your order.
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Website by David Stockman The first batch of Phantom II DI boxes have been built by our electronics guru and put on long term test at a secret location in a professional PA system. They look really cool with their real gold lettering, ultra bright cyan LEDs and shiny black cases, you can check out the new features here.
LED Bargraph Earth lift switch Attenuator pad switch